Our Pricing

When seeking a medical billing company you may find it confusing that the medical billing fees vary so extensively. Some advertise a very low percentage of collections for their medical billing services.

You will typically find that there are either undisclosed hidden fees within your billing contract or the billing company may cut corners which will result in a large cost to your practice in uncollected revenue.

When factoring in the money uncollected, your billing fee is much higher than you anticipated. We believe in Competitive Pricing, Cost Transparency and Customized Services where you pay for the services you need and nothing extra!

Medical Billing Service Fee

At Total Healthcare Billing, our pricing is customized based on your practices needs. It’s based on several variables, including your specialty, number of providers, and average claims per month.

Our billing fee includes the cost of Clearinghouse Fees, Patient Statements Fees and there is no large charge for a start-up fee.
And remember, we don’t get paid unless you get paid!


Clearinghouse Fees: Clearinghouse fees can range from $30 to $125.00 for each provider per month. Total Healthcare Billing pays all clearinghouse fees so you don’t have to!

Patient Statements Fees: Some billing services charge extra to send a patient a statement. The fees can range from .61 cents to 1.00 dollar per statement. Total Healthcare Billing doesn’t charge anything extra to send out your patient statements!

No Long-Term Contracts

Total Healthcare billing does not restrict you to a long term contract. We ask that the initial term of the contract be at least 90 days so that we can demonstrate the value of an outsourced medical billing solution. After that, you would be on a convenient month-to-month billing arrangement, with the option to cancel your agreement at any time with a 30 day written notice.

Our Packages

Select your package and have Total Health Care Billing do the rest.

Base Package
Option A (Base Billing Package)
  • Medical billing for solo low-volume healthcare practices with minimal claim issues
  • Daily Claim Entry
  • Electronic and Paper Claim Submission
    • Government
    • Commercial
    • Private Billing
  • Claim Correction/Re-Submission
  • Monthly Collection Reports
  • Patient Statements
  • Payment Posting
  • Account Adjustments
  • Patient Inquires

Standard Package
Option B (Includes Base Billing Package)
  • Medical billing for multi-provider practices and specialty healthcare providers with average claim issues
  • Patient Statements*
    • *Soft Collections on Past Due Notices
  • Claim Tracking and Management
  • Denial Management
  • Claim Appeals
  • Clean Claim Review
  • Collections Management
  • Aging A/R Recovery
  • Weekly/Monthly Reports
    • A/R Reports
    • Statements
    • Cash Collections

Optimal Package
Option C (Includes Option A and B)
  • Medical billing for multi-provider practices and specialty practices in need of additional services listed below
  • Customized Billing Solutions
  • Healthcare Business Office Consulting
    • A/R Management
    • Clinic Policies & Procedures Documents
    • Clinic Workflows & Process Improvement
    • Industry Best Practices Feedback
  • Provider Re-Credentialing
    • *New Credentialing/Contracting Pricing is separate
      • CAQH Attestations
      • Annual Insurance Renewals
  • Prior Authorization
  • Estimation Tools for Elective/Self-Pay
  • Refunds/Credits Processing
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Practice Management System Administration
  • Customized Reports

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