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Total Healthcare Billing offers decades of experience in medical billing and medical office management. Our years of experience have given us extensive knowledge of how insurance companies operate. We know how to navigate the confusing roadblocks that insurance companies put in place. We bring not only experience and knowledge but offer reliability, integrity and we pride ourselves on delivering quality. We believe that our exceptional services will give you an edge with your competition.

This is important because it shows that we have a full understanding of the inner working of your business office. We not only understand the challenges that you face, but we have also been in your shoes. Who better to give you guidance than someone who has been there themselves?

We also present our providers with additional education over and beyond what most outsourced medical billing companies are able to offer. If you need help with front and back office workflows, copayment collection guidelines and general practice management policies, we are here to help you!

No more worrying about staff resignations, expensive health benefits costs and declining revenue due to key billing staff being sick or on vacation. We offer an experienced team of professionals that work as an extension of your business office. If you are looking for improved results on your financials then contact us to become a part of your winning team!